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Diamond Innovation and Performance

H2O Jet is the premier manufacturer of high pressure waterjet cutting components. We pace the industry with leading-edge equipment designed for optimum efficiency and long life to meet your demanding production requirements. Look here first for new ways to boost your bottom line.

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The H2O Jet Diamond Integral Cutting Head is a quantum leap in cutting performance, reliability and productivity. Through empirical analysis and extensive field testing, it has been optimized for real-world conditions. The H2O Jet Diamond Cutting Head is NOT a variation on the same old theme. Rather, it’s a departure from the norm that results in superior performance and reduced operating costs.

    The nozzle is perfectly aligned directly to the orifice during manufacture.
    NO OTHER CUTTING HEAD OFFERS THIS ADVANTAGE!! Part misalignment, overtorqueing errors and stackup tolerance issues are virtually eliminated. This alignment directs the jetstream perfectly through the abrasive nozzle putting maximum cutting power to the part and greatly increases nozzle life.
    With a Diamond orifice, a superior jetstream is produced. Stream quality is enhanced over the life of the orifice. Because of the Diamond’s intrinsically superior resistance to wear, orifice life is now one of the longest lasting components in the total system.
    The abrasivejet cutting environment is a severe one. The more complex the cutting head, the greater the chance for problems. Our advanced design minimizes component count and maximizes reliability.


The H2O Jet “Short-Stop” High-Pressure Filter is by far the most effective device available for protecting line-borne contaminants from damaging orifice assemblies. Installing our exclusive filter will help reduce orifice-related downtime and boost productivity. Prevent upstream debris generated by normal wear and maintenance from clogging or prematurely destroying your orifice and increase reliability. This highly effective filter blocks contaminants from the most common sources within any HP waterjet system.

  • Easily retrofitted
  • Extremely effective
  • Robust construction
  • Can’t disintegrate like screen filters


Warranty:                  Part # 800101

All diamond nozzles and Integral Diamond Eductor’s (IDE's) are warranted to work for 500 hours or four months from ship date, provided the customer is using the H2O JET “Short Stop” Filter.

If a customer suspects a premature failure, they must contact H2O JET Customer Service and obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and form. Fill out the form with as much technical detail as possible and ship the diamond orifice assembly to H2O Jet at the customer’s expense.  The item packaging and shipping documents must clearly show the RMA number.  When H2O Jet receives the item, we will make the warranty determination based on visual inspection and pressure testing. Parts that do not qualify for the warranty will be processed and charged under the Inspection Charge part # 811000. The customer will be contacted with the determination.

Inspection Charge:            Part # 811000

Diamond nozzles that are outside of or do not qualify for the warranty can be inspected to determine performance.  Oftentimes, diamond nozzles are still functional past the warranty period but may need a thorough cleaning for increased operational time.  The charge for inspection, cleaning and retesting is $50.00 per assembly.

When a customer requests an inspection, they must obtain an RMA number and form. Fill out the form with as much technical detail as possible and ship to H2O JET with copies of the paper work. Upon receipt of the item, H2O Jet will make the $50.00 Inspection Charge determination based on a visual inspection and pressure test. The product will be returned to the customer along with an inspection certification.

Revised: 03/02/2010

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