Advanced Waterjet Cutting Heads

The performance of your entire waterjet operation rests on the stream from the cutting head.

That stream directly affects your cut part results. At H2O Jet, our cutting heads are purpose-built to cut faster, last longer, and outperform other industry options. Whether you’re shopping for a Flow, Omax, JetEdge, or other type of waterjet cutting at 8,000 psi or 94,000 psi, we have a cutting head designed to improve your productivity.

H2O Jet was founded with a focus on orifices. We were intent on improving one of the most critical, value-add components on a waterjet – and that’s just what we did. 

Through research and testing we proved that the shape and cut of your orifice has a direct correlation to cut part performance. If you’re cutting with water only, or with abrasive, or using diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or other materials, we’ve pioneered ways to improve your results. 

From orifices, we progressed to mixing chambers and cutting heads – the key components that bring it all together. 

Whether you are cutting titanium, chicken, insulation or foam, armor, or even cutting blades, check out our cutting head options or call for a recommendation specific to your needs.

IDE™ Cutting Head

Our Integral Diamond Eductor III™ is an industry leading cutting head solution. Known to reduce costs and improve performance in the field, set your performance bar high with this cutting head!  Compatible with Flow assemblies; adapters available for use on all leading waterjet brands.

The Edge Cutting Head

The Edge cutting head is sleekly engineered and well-suited for the functional needs of the everyday waterjet operator. Ideal for aligning with the abrasive feed hose and for use with a variety of orifice sizes. The Edge offers a host of features at a low price point.

Long Lasting Orifice Technology

Though small in size, the waterjet orifice has a massive impact on your cutting operations. Learn more about our industry leading diamond, ruby, and sapphire options.

On/Off Valves

We put our On/Off Valves to the test to ensure optimum cutting and a reliable, consistent lifecycle.  Options now include our “Extended Life” components, making them ideal for operations with high volumes of on/off cycling. Browse our collection featuring multiple nozzle body options designed to meet your specific waterjet needs.  Feel free to call for recommendations.

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