On/Off Valve Assemblies Built for High Production

Our Actuator and On/Off Valve Assemblies are used day-in and day-out in the most robust production environments. Fast cycling robots, high pressure up to 94k, high-speed/low-pressure (8,000 psi) insulation cutters, slow cutting of hundreds of holes in large pulp-making cutting wheels: we’ve put our experience into creating a variety of actuators and on/off valve options for the toughest of applications. See what our technology can do for your operations.

Proven Performance

Our On/Off valves perform under pressure in the harshest of production environments like the automotive industry and high-speed cutoffs on slitting applications. These are applications that demand uninterrupted, consistent performance where water flow must be controlled precisely, reliably, and consistently.

We’ve even developed a line of Extended Life Components to achieve around 2x the number of cycles from the stem and seat.  If your stem/needle seems to be failing too frequently, call us to discuss options.  Our Extended Life Stem and Seat may be the solution.

We’ve also designed a comprehensive suite of Actuators, On/Off Valves, and mounting blocks for use on different brands of machines.  Whether your machine uses Normally Open valves or Normally Closed, check out our options.

All are available with a variety of nozzle body/nozzle tube options. Customized options are also available.

What Makes H2O Jet On/Off Valves Different?

Long Life, Advanced Design

Our newly designed Pneumatic Valves contain a redesigned seal and stem for a longer, more predictable life.  Even with frequent on/off cycling, our poppet stem, seat, and seal are designed for a fit that even gets better after break-in.  We now have on/off valves for operating pressures beginning at 8,000 psi.

Maximize Productivity, 24/7 Operation

In addition to advanced stem and seal, we use filter breather vents in the actuator caps to ensure that the air entering the actuator during cycling is filtered and clean, extending the life of the actuator.  This makes them ideal for long cycles of operating, even in areas with significant amounts of particulates in the air.  The valves enable longer production runs resulting in increased part yield.

Easy Maintenance

Our on/off valves are engineered for simple maintenance. Each rebuild kit includes a tool to help remove and safely, easily install the poppet and seal assembly.

The Parts You Need, Reliably Delivered