High Pressure Waterjet Pumps

Leaders in the field of high-pressure technology.

From robotic systems for automotive parts and stone countertop cutting solutions, to the high production world of food cutting and beyond, H2O Jet pumps are leaders in the high-pressure technology field, and our pumps operate in some of the most rigorous cutting environments. Whether you need to power multiple, independent cutting stations or single, manual cutting stations, our standard and custom pumps have the high-pressure output to meet your application needs.

H2O Jet Intensifier Pumps

H2O Jet pumps are intensifier pumps. This technology creates pressure by pumping hydraulic oil into the intensifier to drive a hydraulic piston which, in turn, drives a smaller plunger in the water section. The size difference results in intensifying the hydraulic pressure by over 30x in the water (or other liquid) section. For example, a 3,000psi hydraulic pressure can create a 90,000psi water pressure.

Intensifier pumps are the most forgiving and dynamic solution available for creating ultrahigh-pressure.

Our Extra Attention & Effort Go A Long Way

Solving production needs




Ergonomic Layout

Innovative Features & Special Customizations

The H2O Jet Family of Pumps


The Advantage Pump

Popular solution for high production and multiple cutting stations.

The Advantage Extreme Pressure (EP) Pump

High pressure, high production waterjet pump at 94,000 psi.

The Advantage Extreme Flow (EF) Pump

A pump with larger, big-top intensifier which puts out 1.5gpm at 60,000 psi from a single intensifier. (That’s 50% more water than the standard size!)

Skid Mounted Waterjet Pumps

Compact, space-saving design. High pressure waterjet pump at a lower price point.

Which Pump is Right for You?

Our experts are ready to help you determine which waterjet pump will best power your operation and pair with your waterjet system. Here’s a quick summary for comparison.

Elevating the Standard

Our family of pumps are engineered to a higher standard. The features we deliver on each and every H2O Jet pump are designed to make your pump as reliable, productive, and easy to use as possible.

Designed for Minimal Downtime

Our 60,000psi pumps use smaller intensifiers, weighing 133 pounds (except the large EF intensifier), making it easy for 2 people to swap out an intensifier to do maintenance offline.  This unique feature is extremely important for operations that rely on their waterjet. Downtime can be reduced to minutes.

Smoother Cut Edges to Reduce Secondary Machining

Shorter intensifier stroke delivers a tighter pressure signal for more consistent cutting, especially important for thicker material. The tighter pressure signal also helps extend the life of tubing and fittings.   

Easier Maintenance

Our pumps are designed for easy access to key components and a smaller intensifier allows for easier handling during routine maintenance.

Assured Availability & Competitive Pricing

Our intensifiers use the world’s most popular style of wear parts; the high popularity insures availability and low prices.

Ultimate in Flexibility

H2O Jet pumps create versatility and are designed to maintain the chosen pressure using a hydraulically-driven, variable displacement, pressure-compensated, axial piston pump. Our pumps stop stroking when pressure is achieved, and automatically start pumping again when pressure in the line drops. This means they can be used to drive one, or multiple, independent cutting machines offering ultimate flexibility.

Designed for Protection of Hydraulic System

The pumps all have the largest hydraulic reservoirs in the industry, an oil recirculation pump which continuously cycles oil through the filter, and a high efficiency heat exchanger for cooler oil: all for extended hydraulic oil life for longer machine life.

Simple for All Machine Operators

A standard feature is the electronic, infinitely variable, pressure control.  Pressures can be easily changed on the fly from either the machine controls or using the pump’s plc. We’ve eliminated the need to turn knobs and check gauges.

Transferrable/Modular Pumps

The onboard PLC enables the pump to be connected to nearly any table.  This simplifies upgrading to a larger or higher-pressure pump, as needs change.

User Conveniences

The pump was designed for easy care by our engineers who have extensive experience operating waterjets. This team added a leak pan and leak containment port in the tray beneath the intensifiers leading to a reservoir to control leaked fluids and simplify cleanups.

Safety Built In

Each pump includes an automatic high-pressure water safety bleed down to automatically release water pressure when the e-stop is hit or pump is shut down. This bleed down (aka dump valve) can be actuated by air or hydraulic oil.

Attention OEM’s!

We Offer Specialty Kits

We partner with leading OEM machine providers and do our best to make your experience as straightforward and smooth as possible. 

We offer custom bolt-on packages for machine integrators and machine builders. Our engineers develop unique kits specific to your need to simplify integration and provide customer support for the pumps paired with your machine.

Tell us about your OEM solution, and we’ll help you configure the right pump and kit for you and your customers.