Integral Diamond Eductor IIITM

It’s time to take your productivity up a notch. Meet the Integral Diamond Educator (IDE) III cutting head. Maximum reliability, faster cutting speeds, and improved cut performance.

Stand-Out Technology

The Integral Diamond Eductor™ III (IDE) cutting head has a one-piece body design featuring the orifice and mixing chamber in one.

  • No maintenance mixing chamber design
  • Faster waterjet cutting speeds
  • Reduced abrasive consumption
  • Longer-lasting diamond

This refined engineering improvement reduces assembly and maintenance time and lasts a minimum of 500 hours (warrantee applies if using the inline Short Stop filter), although most customers experience 1,000+ hours of long life cutting.

The integrated orifice provides permanent alignment with a 0% chance of misalignment, 10-20 times performance improvement over sapphires or rubies.

Why Use the IDE Cutting Head?

The IDE is a unique mixing chamber that combines a built-in diamond and carbide mixing chamber inside the housing, creating a single unit. Mounting the strategically placed diamond and specially designed carbide mixing chamber to a cutting head, the IDE creates perfect waterjet stream alignment. This innovative design brings a new level of simplicity and efficiency to waterjet cutting, elevating cut part standards. It remains the easiest to use, high precision cutting head on the market.

  • Up to 50% faster overall performance
  • 10 to 20 times greater time before maintenance
  • Superior cut edge quality
  • Cost savings from reduced abrasive consumption

Revolutionary Mixing Chamber Design

Advanced coalescing plenum provides effective and efficient abrasive pickup while reducing abrasive consumption up to 20%, a significant savings passed to you! The carbide mixing chamber is specially designed so the water efficiently accelerates abrasive and keeps it away from the diamond, delivering long-life performance – without any extra maintenance.

Reduce Operating Cost

Bottom line, a specially designed and integrated diamond, carbide liner, the longer nozzle life, and reduced abrasive consumption all add up to significant cost savings and simpler operation.

Advanced Design, High Reliability

The advanced design of the IDE makes it consistent and reliable, cut after cut. Whether you’re cutting a part with a new IDE or a well-used IDE cutting head, the edge quality remains superior because cut quality remains consistent throughout the life of the head. The IDE is the choice for use with tables with multiple cutting heads.

The Advantage EP Integral Diamond Eductor™ Cutting Head

The H2O Jet Advantage EP IDE™ abrasive cutting head applies the engineering advancements of the industry leading lDE cutting head to 94,000 psi waterjet cutting.

Precise orifice alignment becomes increasingly important at pressures above 60,000 psi, as a misaligned orifice can destroy a cutting head quickly. Our 94,000 psi customers experience 50% longer focusing tube life, improved cut speed and quality, and a cutting head life with much longer hours.

Short Stop Filter

Protect your orifice from line-borne contaminants with our revolutionary Short Stop Filter.  The Short Stop Filter is made of durable metal and has precision made 0.006” holes for absolute filtering and high water flow.

Protect orifices and on/off valves and boost productivity by catching and removing upstream debris (generated by normal wear and maintenance).

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