Orifice Technology

The Secret Behind the Perfect Stream

Though tiny, the waterjet orifice is essential to your part production. Browse our collection of popular waterjet orifices, including diamond, tetraCore™, ruby, and sapphire options.

Diamond Orifices

Long-lasting, premium quality orifices. We only use high-quality diamonds to ensure you get the absolute best performance. Each orifice is shaped for its specific purpose in cutting with water or cutting with abrasive.


A mid-range performing orifice comprised of a breakthrough, engineered material. A reliable step up from ruby and sapphire orifices.

Ruby & Sapphire Orifices

Sapphire and ruby orifices are used as a value-driven offering for common cutting applications.

H2O Jet Diamond Orifices

If you’ve ever cut with a diamond orifice, you know that while diamonds are the preferred material for waterjet orifices, not all diamond offerings are created equal.

At H2O Jet, we only use premium, high-grade diamonds. The performance difference is dramatic. Our diamonds have a unique structure and specific shape. These characteristics contribute significantly to a diamond’s strength and ability to be finished for a higher quality jet stream and longer resistance to wear.

Proprietary Cutting & Stress Relief ­

Superior outside and inside geometry, provides increased fatigue strength and resistance to chipping or cracking.  Orifices for cutting with abrasive are cut differently than orifices for cutting with only water.

High Quality Mounting

Each diamond is secured in a special mount with a proprietary retaining device, resulting in optimum jet stream coherency and alignment.

Unsurpassed Diamond Life

Each diamond orifice is of a proprietary structure that evenly distributes the jet stream over the cut diamond.

Contact H2O Jet for assistance with jet stream issues or special needs.

tetraCORE™ Orifices

tetraCORE™ is a mid-range orifice crafted using an elaborate material technology engineered at the atomic level. Using strategic structuring of the atomic lattice, the tetraCORE™ orifice is designed to resist erosion, chipping, and fracturing, providing longer life than traditional ruby and sapphire orifices. Download our brochure.

Ruby & Sapphire Orifices

We offer a wide variety of sapphire and ruby orifices well suited for most waterjet cutting heads and valves in the market. Ruby orifices are designed and cut specifically for robust applications such as abrasive waterjet cutting while our sapphire options are cut more typically for water-only applications.

Integrated Diamond Nozzle Nut (IDNN)

Our exclusive Integrated Diamond Nozzle Nut borrows from our experience and the concept used with the IDE.  For the IDNN, we combined the diamond with the nozzle nut. The result is a longer, less turbulent jet stream, a larger unit so it’s easier to handle in difficult to reach mounting locations, and it can be installed much faster than loose diamonds, expediting maintenance. The IDNN is ideal for cutting thicker, tougher-to-cut material (because the stream is longer) and for use in slitting applications or wherever many orifices are used (because swapping them out for periodic cleaning is far faster).

Upgrade to 94,000 psi

From high performance orifices to high-pressure upgrades, shop our 94,000 psi Technology collection and get the most out of your cut.

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