The Advantage Extreme
Pressure (EP) Pump

The Extreme Pressure (EP) pump takes “ultra-high-pressure” to the next level with 94,000 psi pump pressure. This pump has an intensifier with a higher intensification ratio, keeping the hydraulic pressure at 3,000 psi so the extra work to reach the higher pressure is all handled at the intensifier. The hydraulic pressure is still limited to just 3,000 psi creating an extremely reliable ultra-high-pressure system using proven components for the fastest, most economical way to cut hard material with water.

Benefits of
Higher Pressure

Our 94,000 psi waterjet pumps improve the overall output of your entire waterjet system while delivering a host of benefits that translate to your bottom line. For example, increasing cut speed by 50% reduces the amount of abrasive used by 50%, and reduces overall maintenance costs by 30% when compared to a 60,000 psi system. Savings are even greater when comparing to a direct drive system which often uses more garnet and water flow to offset the lack of higher pressure.

Put the Advantage Pump to Work for You

In addition to the great features common to all H2O Jet pumps, Advantage pumps can be customized to meet your ultra-high-pressure needs.
  • PLC with an Ethernet port creating opportunity for advanced features
  • Large touchscreen interface integrated with repair instructions and spare parts list.
  • Energy efficient motor starter, for lower electric bills, gradual startup.
  • Largest hydraulic oil reservoirs to keep oil cooler and lasting longer.
  • Onboard bladder tank to smooth your water supply fluctuations.
  • Boost pump to provide rapid supply of water when intensifier is shifting, protecting internal components.
  • Water inlet solenoid to prevent water waste, by shutting water supply off when the pump isn’t running.
  • Water inlet and booster pump pressure monitoring, ensuring pump operates only with adequate incoming water, preventing damage from cavitation.
  • Removable doors and covers for full access to maintenance components.
  • Integrated, sound-dampened doors for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Air or hydraulic bleed down/dump valve.
  • 2L attenuator for tight pressure signal enabling other downstream components.

Pump Specifications

Easy Installation & Lifetime Support

The Advantage Pump is designed to be fast and easy to install, and includes access to training and lifetime support. With forklift pockets for easy placement, and direct connection to existing systems where needed, you’ll be up and running before you know it.

The Parts You Need, Reliably Delivered