About Waterjet

Waterjet cutting is well-known for its versatility. Not only in the materials it can cut, but also in multiple benefits behind the process as a whole.

Waterjet is a supersonic erosion process, of which there are two types. Pure waterjet cutting, which uses only high-pressure water to cut soft materials, and abrasive waterjet cutting, where garnet abrasive is introduced into the stream to cut hard materials.

A cold cutting process, waterjet doesn’t induce any stress or heat affected zone (HAZ) into the materials it’s cutting and delivers a clean edge directly off the waterjet table.

You can cut thick materials and thin materials, rough shaping or precise bevels, all on a waterjet.

The Importance of Your Waterjet Pump

Perhaps the most important part of a waterjet is the pump that creates the high-pressure water that ultimately cuts the material. Often referred to as the “heart of the system” your waterjet pump plays an integral role in your ability to cut parts, quickly and efficiently.

At H2O Jet, our pumps power some of the most influential waterjet brands and can be found working around the clock in high production environments. 

The Importance of the Cutting Head

Whether cutting with abrasive or pure water, the cutting head creates the stream that does the cutting.  H2O Jet was the first to create an orifice design from a diamond to consistently create a long, tight, cohesive stream. This new design enabled waterjet cutting to gain wider acceptance in markets ranging from prototypes to high-volume mass production.

Cut Nearly Any Material

Waterjets are the preferred method for cutting virtually any material. You can cut hard or soft materials on the very same system (just swap out your cutting head). 




Stone & Granite


…and more!


Waterjet is used across various industries.









Waterjet Resources at Your Fingertips

Discover everything you need to run your system at its best, including service manuals, technical diagrams, specifications, and maintenance videos.

Upgrade Your Waterjet

Experience-improved cutting performance, competitive pricing, and top-notch service.  Update your machine to your current business needs and see how a small change can make a powerful difference in your bottom line.