The Edge Cutting Head

The reliable workhorse of waterjet cutting heads has features you don’t want to miss.

  • Designed for pressures to 60,000psi
  • Competitive price
  • Rotating body can be indexed to align with abrasive feed
  • Uses standard rubies (#203501-xx), allowing for cutting versatility
  • Optional diamonds also available (#201501-xx), for greater precision and longer, uninterrupted cuts
  • Available in 2 convenient kits

Reliable Performance, Competitive Price

The Edge cutting head is designed as a simple, concise mixing chamber. It uses economical, standard rubies that can easily be removed and replaced, avoiding significant costs to keep your waterjet stream tight.

The Edge cutting head also allows the abrasive inlet tube to rotate in the direction of the abrasive feed hose – every time, for true 360° coverage. This means you only need to use a single length of abrasive feed hose, increasing uptime and putting savings in your pocket. The low-profile design is well-suited for cutting in tight spaces.

The use of rubies and the small size make the Edge one of the lowest cost mixing chambers available.

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Why Use the Edge Cutting Head?

Designed for reliable performance on any brand of waterjet cutting system (adapter required for some systems).

  • Premium technology at a competitive price
  • Easily fits into previously unimaginable spaces
  • Change orifices quickly and easily
  • Body rotates for alignment of abrasive inlet

The Edge Cutting Head Kit Options

Conveniently available in 2 ways to purchase and save:

  1. Individual Unit (includes ruby) 301050-1-xx
  2. Complete Cutting Head Assembly 301350-1-3-xx
    • Includes standard mounting block with rear 1” threaded hole spacing. The two threaded mounting holes need ¼-28 bolts (see drawing for 100040-1)
    • Uses standard on/off valve rebuild kit #302001-1 or Extended Life on/off rebuild kit #302001-1-2 for nearly 2x life (ideal for applications with large numbers of on/off cycling.)

Short Stop Filter

Protect your orifice from line-borne contaminants with our revolutionary Short Stop Filter.  The Short Stop Filter is made of durable metal and has precision made 0.006” holes for absolute filtering and high water flow.

Protect orifices and on/off valves and boost productivity by catching and removing upstream debris (generated by normal wear and maintenance).

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